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article : cookies

What is "a cookie" ?

A cookie is a small file that your browser (chrome, firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer,...)
can store on your computer containing information that lets a site remember that information between sessions/visite
The browser sends back the contents of this small file on each consultation of a page of the site in question and only to that site
This can contain any sort of information, but here some examples of what a site could wish to remember about his visitors :
- detection whether you have already visited this site before
- your login (to fill in the form field)
- your language choice
- ...

What cookies are used by this site ?

This site uses a cookie to remember your language choice.
This type of cookie (user-interface customisation) is excluded from the law on cookies in Europe.
see : European Data Protection Board

Are other cookies sent during the visit of this site ?

Yes, this site contains third-party plugins (facebook, linkedin, twitter, google+)
under the form of traffic analytics modules and social media buttons :

These modules use their own cookies, which are not and can not be handled by this site.

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