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congo rdc
Sentence :

oyambi, form of a verb
koyamba, regular construction (root : yamb) (class 15 : ko- (verbs))
koamba, regular construction (root : amb) (class 15 : ko- (verbs)) (None)
to welcome, to embrace, to receive to capture, to catch, to accept

context : phone
to respond, to pick up

context : church
to believe
derived words : eyamba, moyambi, yambi, yambíi
item 3 examples (bandakisa mísáto) ...
aza moyambi. Oyambí likonzí.
He's the goalkeeper. He defends the goal. (soccer/football)
Kende koyamba ye. Azozela yo.
Go welcome her. She's waiting for you.
azoyamba tshombo te.
She's not answering the phone.
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