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Sentence :

sakombi, pl. basakombi (class 9a/10a (2) : - / - (ba-) : plural from context (or informal/modern ba-), not with n-/m-)
unit of measurement

The name comes from a former governor of the city of Kinshasa,
Dominique Sakombi Inongo (governor in 1976 and 1977), who,
trying to standardise the market commerce, introduced a unit of measurement,
for food products, which was later called the sakombi by the market vendors.

It's a cup with following specifications :
9 cm of diameter
10 cm of depth

this gives 3.14 x (9cm/2)² x 10cm = 635.85cm³ = 635.85 ml (when filled up to the border)

this gives about 300g of flour

to be more specific :
268.76g of cake flour
448.83g of semoulina flour
254.34g of casava flour
572.26g of rice

link :
Sakombi na ekolo ya nguba
Sakombi na ekolo ya nguba
© pvh (Chanel Madanga)
Dominique Sakombi Inongo
Dominique Sakombi Inongo
src : Sakombi
ekolo, sakombi, ebundeli (kopo)
ekolo, sakombi, ebundeli (kopo)
© pvh (Nadiyha)
ekolo, sakombi, ebundeli (kopo)
ekolo, sakombi, ebundeli (kopo)
© pvh (Nadiyha)
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