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Sentence :

ebembe, form of a verb
kobémba, regular construction (root : bemb) (class 15 : ko- (verbs))
to travel

to contact, to get in touch, to get along, get closer, to cooperate, to get attached, to get tied by friendship
derived words : bobémbani, mobembo, mobembani
ebémbé, pl. bibembe (class 7/8 : e- / bi-)
female (of an animal)
ebembe, pl. bibembe (class 7/8 : e- / bi-)
corpse, dead body
src : google images
derived words : nkundebémbé, kundebémbé
see also : mowa, moweyi, mowei
item 2 examples (bandakisa míbalé) ...
ebembe ya soso, matanga te.
no mourning for the cadaver of a chicken
ebembe ya adoula
frozen chicken
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