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Sentence :

kotombola, form of a verb
kotómba, regular construction (root : tomb) (class 15 : ko- (verbs))
to carry
to merit, to deserve, to earn

to raise (to put up straight)
to charge, to use

to carry for ...
to bless, to give hope, to wish ... for ...

to lift
to increase
to develop

to let charge
tombola bendele
tombola bendele
© pvh (Letitia Nkanza Kalawuma)
tombola bendele
tombola bendele
© pvh (Letitia Nkanza Kalawuma)
bendele ekweya te !
bendele ekweya te !
© pvh (Letitia Nkanza Kalawuma)
see also : litómba
derived words : botómboli
item 5 examples (bandakisa mítáno) ...
Tombola maboko likolo.
Lift your hands up.
alokotaka na nse atomboli likolo
He picks up from the ground, he lifts up.
tombola bwaka
"pick up, throw away" = clothes and other things you throw away for the poor, second hand clothes
tombola mosapi na yo likolo
raise your finger in the air.
tombola bendele
raise the flag
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