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congo rdc
Sentence :

plural of "elokota"
elokota, pl. bilokota (class 7/8 : e- / bi-)
something that has been picked up (e.g. from the street)

semba bilokota
originally, a semba bilokota is someone who picks up things that
others have thrown away and for who they still have value (tu use, sell, recycle,...)
a rag-and-bone man in English
in the context of relations, it's used for someone who takes over a boyfriend or
girlfriend that someone else has rejected or abandoned.
in the context of church, it's used for God, because He picks up those who are
rejected or abandoned and gives them value and a new life.
derived from : kolokota
item 1 example (ndakisa mókó) ...
Nayoki ke okomi kobima na ex na ngai. Mama, ozali semba bilokota.
I heard that you started dating my ex. Lady, you are a semba bilokota.
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