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congo rdc
Sentence :

nakobenda, form of a verb
kobénda, regular construction (root : bend) (class 15 : ko- (verbs))
argued, attract, train, pull, pull, suck

to withdraw, to go away, to get out, to confront, to oppose
derived words : bobendani
item 8 examples (bandakisa mwámbe) ...
mwana na mwana, bendana !
that each child leaves !
benda bilili
rewind the film "mentally go back in time". "Think back, draw a conclusion and learn your lesson"
benda mpema, bimisa mpema. Benda mpema mulai.
breathe in, breathe out. Take a deep breath.
bazui singa po babenda mutuka
They took the rope to pull the car.
kobenda nzoto
to stretch, to stretch out
kobenda miso
attract attention
mbisi abendi ndobo.
a fish pulls the line.
nakobenda yo litoyi soki ozali koyoka te
I will pull your ear if you don't listen.
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