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Sentence :

bopemi, form of a verb
kopema, regular construction (root : pem) (class 15 : ko- (verbs))
to breathe, to rest, to relax
to take a break
mark a break
derived words : bopémi, péma, mpéma
item 2 examples (bandakisa míbalé) ...
Mosala na zolo ezali koyoka solo na kopema.
The work of the nose is to smell odors and to breathe.
Oza kopema mbangu mbangu boye pona nini ?
Why are you breathing quickly like that ?
a leave, a vacation, a rest, a break
derived from : kopema
item 1 example (ndakisa mókó) ...
mokolo ya bopemi. mokolo ya mosala.
day off (holiday). workday.
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