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congo rdc
Sentence :

libonza, pl. mabonza (class 5/6 : li- / ma- (parts of body, fauna, flora,...))
donation (charity)

context : church
offering, sacrifice
product collection to church, tithe
bitumba na mabonza
bitumba na mabonza
© théâtre : La tempête de rire
derived from : kobonza
see also : likabo
item 3 examples (bandakisa mísáto) ...
bitumba na mabonza
the battle for the tides
wapi libonza oyo okobonzela Nzambe ?
Where's the offering you are going to offer to God ?
naza na libonza pona eyenga ya lelo te
I don't have an offering for today's service.
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