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doubling of the last part to express a disorder...
Tintin is a cartoon character from the Belgian author Hergé.

Generally known in Congo, popular for some, because it's funny or because its counterfeit goods
sell well on the black market, hated by others because of the stereotypical colonialist
way congolese people are pictured in its album Tintin au Congo. A similar controverse
exists for the album Tintin au pays des soviets (Tintin in the land of the soviets).

The word tintin is often used to depict a cartoon character in general. Sometimes as an insult.

It might happen that children who are not used to see white people, but know Tintin well
from the cartoons, might think they are seeing Tintin when they see a white person.
Tintin au Congo
Tintin au Congo
src : The Independent
Tintin dans une scène controversée
Tintin dans une scène controversée
© Hergé
Tintin au marché noir
Tintin au marché noir
src :
Chez Tintin
Chez Tintin
src : La mapasa familia à Kinshasa
item 1 example (ndakisa mókó) ...
Koko na yo, niama. Tala mutu lokola tintin.
Your granny, brute. Look at that head like Tintin. (insults)
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