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Sentence :

mobali, pl. mibali (class 3/4 : mo- (mu-) / mi- : objects)
mobali, pl. babali (class 1/2 : mo- (mu-) / ba- (persons)) (ancient lingala)makanza - rare
boy, man, husband, right
male person, male

na mobali
the right side
src : google images
derived from : kobála
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mopanzi na mwasi, mopanzi na mobali.
left side, right side
mwana mobali
leki ya mobali
little brother
semeki ya mobali
brother of my husband (wife)
Ozali mobali to mwasi ?
Are you a boy or a girl ?
eza muana muasi to mobali ?
Is it a girl or a boy ?
Po na nini mibali ya lelo balingi lisusu te babotine ?
Why don't today's men want condoms anymore ?
mobali na ye alingaka kolembola libolo
Her man loves licking the vagina.
na loboko ya mobali / na loboko ya mwasi
right / left
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