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congo rdc
Sentence :

kotélema, regular construction (root : telem) (class 15 : ko- (verbs))
kotéleme, regular construction (root : telem) (class 15 : ko- (verbs))
to stand up
to halt, to stop (also for buses, trams, ...)

recover, to get back up, tu put up, to suspend

to defend, take care of,
oppose, protest, claim, counter
teleme, ongenge na mwinda mwa Kristu. Mobimba mpo na banso.
teleme, ongenge na mwinda mwa Kristu. Mobimba mpo na banso.
© pvh (Letitia Nkanza Kalawuma)
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item 3 examples (bandakisa mísáto) ...
saki ya pamba etelemaka te. © koffi olomide
An empty sack does not stand up.
Nayebi ete akotelema moto ya suka na bomoyi na ngai. Akotelema akokota likambo na ngai. Yaweh telema, kota makambo na ngai. Akotelema akokata ma condamnation. © Cèdre Katambayi
I know he's gonna stand up as the last one in my life. He will enter into my business. God, stand up, enter into my business. He will stand up and interrupt my condemnation.
mwasi ya mabele etelema to mwasi ya mabele ekweya ?
A girl with upstanding breasts or a girl with fallen breasts ? (like before or after pregnancy)
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