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Sentence :

bayebisa, form of a verb
koyéba, regular construction (root : yeb) (class 15 : ko- (verbs))
to know, to know how

(to let know) to announce, to tell, to inform, to publish

to know one another
to have sexual relations

to be known

for wumela/yebela see the article
yebela !
yebela !
src : Salomon SK Della
kobanda 18 avril kino 02 mai, yebela !
kobanda 18 avril kino 02 mai, yebela !
© pvh (Letitia Nkanza Kalawuma)
malamu oyebisa yango na bato
malamu oyebisa yango na bato
src : google images
derived words : liyebisi, zébí
item 40 examples (bandakisa ntúkú mínei) ...
bayebisi ngai kadafi akimi
They told me (let me know) that kadafi has fled
Nakoki koloba lingala. Nayebi koloba lingala.
I'm able to speak lingala. I know how to speak Lingala.
nayebi tata oyo, kasi nayebi tata wana te.
I know what this dad, but I do not know what dad then.
koyeba lisusu
to remember
Oyebi lingala ? - Ee, nalobi ata lingala ya mangala
Do you know Lingala ? - Yes, I even speak strict lingala (the lingala of the mangala)
Nayebi nzembo oyo.
Ik know this song.
Maboko na yo ezali petepete, nayebaki te.
Your hands are very soft, I didn't know.
nayebi te
I don't know
Nayebi ete akotelema moto ya suka na bomoyi na ngai. Akotelema akokota likambo na ngai. Yaweh telema, kota makambo na ngai. Akotelema akokata ma condamnation. © Cèdre Katambayi
I know he's gonna stand up as the last one in my life. He will enter into my business. God, stand up, enter into my business. He will stand up and interrupt my condemnation.
Oyo ezali nsango ya kosunga yo pona koyeba ndenge nini kelasi ya monoko ya Lifalanse etambolaka.
This is an information to help you to know in which manner the lesson of the french language functions.
yebisa ngai Wendy akoya kovisiter palais mokolo nini.
Let me know what day Wendy will come to visit the house.
oyebi kobina ?
Can you dance ? (do you know how ...)
Natunaki yo soki oyebi koloba lingala
I asked you whether you can speak Lingala.
Djo ayebaki ete kosopa zemi ezali lisumu monene, kasi makango na ye azwaki zemi, mpe Djo azalaki na likoki te ya kobala mpe kobokola mwana.
Djo knew that having an abortion is a great sin, but his fiancée got pregnant and Djo did not have the means to get married and raise a child.
Na motema nayebaki ete ezali mabe, kasi namonaki ndenge mosusu ya kosala te.
In the heart I knew it was bad, but I saw no other way of acting.
Nayebi te ! luka yo moko
I don't know ! Search yourself
Yo moko oyebi !
You know it yourself !
Monoko ya mobange, elumbaka solo, kasi elobaka makambo ya lokuta te. soki okimi solo wana, okoyeba makambo te. Proverb/expression (don't translate litteraly)
The mouth of the elderly, it smells foul, but doesn't tell lies. If you avoid this smell, you will not know the affairs.
nasepeli koyeba yo
pleased to know you
soki oyebi te kanga munoko
if you don't know, shut up
bayebaka moninga malamu na tango ya pasi.
One knows a good friend in bad times.
kozanga koyeba eza liwa ya ndambo Proverb/expression (don't translate litteraly)
To lack knowing is a part of death.
masolo ya kati, mutu ayeba te © Adolphe
Secret things, nobody should know
koyeba kofanda na batu ezalaka malamu
To know how to live with people is good
lolenge boni ebongi bayebisa yo pona otika komela kisi oyo
How should they let you know to stop taking that medicin ?
oyo eza na kati na ngai boyebi te
What is inside of me, you didn't know.
masolo ya kati ebongaka mutu ayeba te.
The secret conversations, nobody must know.
mwasi kitoko, bayebaka ye na bizaleli
One recognises a beautiful girl by her behaviour.
soki loboko eyebaka pasi oyo lutu emonaka na tango ya kobalusa biloko
If the hand knew how the spoon suffers when stirring the food...
soki liwa eyebaki mbongo mbele batu ya mbongo bakufaka te
If death would know money, then rich people wouldn't die.
naza na likambo moko ya motuya ya koyebisa yo
I have something important to let you know.
soki oyebaki likambo nini eleki...
If you knew what happened...
ye ayebaki ke ozalaki na mbongo te
She knew that you didn't have money.
yebisa ngai esika olalaki pe na nani.
Let me know where you slept and with who.
nayebi te esika nini moninga na ngai akendaki kolokota ye wana.
I don't know where my friend went to pick that one up.
Ayebi ata kokoma kombo na ye te.
She can't even write her name.
nayebaki ke soki okeyi na poto okobosana ngai.
I knew that if you'll go to Europe, you'll forget me.
yebisa bana wana batinda mbongo.
Let those children there know they should send money.
Naponi yo pamba te nayebi yo.
I choose you because I know you.
nayebi esika ewuta te.
I don't know where that comes from.
item Article : wumela / yebela

"wumela !" to "yebela !" ?

Near the end of the second mandate of president Kabila,
we often hear these two imperatives in each others context.

According to the constitution of the DR of Congo, the mandate of the president is renewable only once. (see article 70)
Kabila would have to make place, but some would like him to stay,
so there are suggestions of changing the law (difficult, see article 220) or to "linger" the organisation of new elections to stretch the current mandate.

So there are 2 camps : Those who like Kabila to stay and those who want him to go.

"wumela !" to "yebela !" ?

These imperatives are directed towards president Kabila :

- Those who want Kabila to stay :

wumela ! = linger ! stay long ! eternise-yourself !

- Those who want Kabila to go :

yebela ! = know it ! be aware ! (as a threat, allusion to what might happen to him if he stays)

Article 70 (de la constitution de la République Démocratique du Congo) Le président de la République est élu au suffrage universel direct pour un mandat de cinq ans renouvelable une seule fois. A la fin de son mandat, le président de la République reste en fonction jusqu’à l’installation effective du nouveau président élu.

Article 220 (de la constitution de la République Démocratique du Congo) La forme républicaine de l’Etat, le principe du suffrage universel, la forme représentative du Gouvernement, le nombre et la durée des mandats du Président de la République, l’indépendance du pouvoir judiciaire, le pluralisme politique et syndical, ne peuvent faire l’objet d’aucune révision constitutionnelle. Est formellement interdite toute révision constitutionnelle ayant pour objet ou pour effet de réduire les droits et libertés de la personne ou de réduire les prérogatives des provinces et des entités territoriales décentralisées.

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